Health, Safety & Environment

HSE is the number one concern.  No project or operation can be classified as optimized or excellent unless it is done safely (HSE).  There are many benchmark studies that show a strong culture of HSE awareness has economic benefits as well as the social and human benefits.  Improving your safety comes with an economic cost, but a direct cost benefit of improving your safety is lower insurance rates and improved corporate branding.  Many companies with poor HSE records are no longer in business. 

  • The health of your employees and neighbors is especially important.   Limiting the exposure of hazardous materials is the key to increasing the health of your team.


  • Safety has at least four parts.   

  1. Construction Safety: This improves over time with the greatest benefit being a reduction in construction deaths.  

  2. Industrial Safety: Mostly thought of as PPE, ladder safety, etc.  

  3. Process Safety Management (PSM) as required by OSHA: Great progress has been made in PSM, but many companies still do not meet the minimum requirements published by OSHA.  

  4. Risk Management: Due to the large number of annual major incidents across the industry limiting risk is critical. KLM Technology Group’s senior consultants have a special focus in risk management to assist in this critical area.


  • We live, work, and play on this earth.  Moving forward we need to do a better job of preserving the earth.  We are improving and polluting less, but we still have work that we can do to reduce our footprint.