Meet Our Team


Karl Kolmetz

Senior Technical Advisor

Karl Kolmetz has over 25 years of progressive experience in the design, construction, commissioning, and operations management of process units from the US Gulf Coast to Alaska through Asia. He has a strong background in the manufacturing of a wide variety of chemical process technologies and product categories.

His experience includes four years of construction, two of which were on the Alaskan Pipeline with Fluor Daniel. Sixteen years of refining experience in the Charter / Phibro (now Valero) Refinery in Houston, Texas. One year of commissioning experience with Raytheon Badger Ethyl benzene / Styrene plants in Asia. Seven years ethylene experience; four years in Louisiana and three years in Malaysia with the Westlake / Titan Group. Four years of distillation design experience as the Asia Pacific Technology Manager for Sulzer Chemtech, a specialty distillation company, and General Manager for KLM Technology Group.

Kolmetz is authoring a book on Process Plant Equipment Design. He has been nominated to a task force to help review Chemical Engineering Curriculum in Malaysia. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Houston.

Jeff N. Gray 

Senior Technical Advisor

Jeff N. Gray is qualified Chemical Engineer, with a degree from University of Melbourne, who has extensive experience primarily in the petrochemicals sector in Project Management, Plant Design, Commissioning and Operations roles. Expertise in managing EPC contracts, commissioning new facilities, plant start-ups, and process design, gained through a broad range of assignments in Australia and Asia.

His professional experience includes over 30 years in the industry throughout Australia and Asia at JG Summit Olefins Corp., Natural Fuels, Basell Polyolefins, ICD Asia Pacific, Carlton Chemicals, Titan Petrochemicals, Dussek Campbell Asia Pacific, Altona Petrochemical Company (now Qenos), and ICI Australia.

His publications are “BTX Extractive Distillation Capacity Increased by Enhanced Packing Distributors” in Oil and Gas Journal,  “Operations Management Concepts” developed and presented to Titan Petrochemicals supervisors and engineers, and  “Advances in Cracking Furnace Technology” prepared for the Refining Technology Conference.

William B. Lotz

Senior Business Analyst

William B. Lotz has over 25 years of experience in the construction, operation, and optimization of process units on the US Gulf Coast. His strengths encompass project management skills, ability to complete assigned tasked, and out of the box optimization ideas based on economics principles.

Experience includes five years of project management in general housing construction. Twenty-eight years of Refining experience in the Charter / Phibro / Valero Refineries in Houston and Texas City, Texas. In the refining companies Lotz started in an entry level position and has been progressively promoted through the maintenance, operations laboratory, and marine inspection groups.

For the last 10 years has been in charge of refinery cost accounting and yield economics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from The University of Houston.

Dean T. Tsai

Senior Technical Advisor

Khaled Mughrabi 

Senior Technical Advisor 

Khaled Mughrabi has over 40 years of professional work experience in LNG, GTL, Ethylene Cracker, petroleum refinery, petrochemical and enhanced oil recovery/gas injection project serving high-profile clients in the execution of large EPC and EPCM projects. Extensive PMC (Project management consultancy) on mega Projects to help Clients achieve their investment objectives from the definition to the completion and commissioning phase. Strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal communication skills used to manage and control large project teams in both a design office and construction environment.


His education and training background includes American University in Cairo, B.S. Chemistry and IIT Illinois Institute of Technology, Graduate School, Chemical Engineering. His work experience spans the globe: Australia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, Japan and South Korea.

Stephen J. Wallace
Stephen J. Wallace is a Certified Safety Professional and Professional Engineer, registered in multiple states in the USA. In his career, he has led award-winning environment, safety, and health programs in the public and private sectors. He was a lead investigator into the causes of chemical accidents for the USA Government for multiple years. He has published numerous articles in engineering and safety journals, has provided consulting services and taught courses throughout the USA and internationally. He is an honorary adviser to the IACPE Industrial Board.      ​